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Deploy on Google Cloud Platform

Run Langflow from a New Google Cloud Project

This guide will help you set up a Langflow development VM in a Google Cloud Platform project using Google Cloud Shell.

Note: When Cloud Shell opens, be sure to select Trust repo. Some gcloud commands might not run in an ephemeral Cloud Shell environment.

Standard VM

Open in Cloud Shell

This script sets up a Debian-based VM with the Langflow package, Nginx, and the necessary configurations to run the Langflow Dev environment.

Spot/Preemptible Instance

Open in Cloud Shell - Spot Instance

When running as a spot (preemptible) instance, the code and VM will behave the same way as in a regular instance, executing the startup script to configure the environment, install necessary dependencies, and run the Langflow application. However, due to the nature of spot instances, the VM may be terminated at any time if Google Cloud needs to reclaim the resources. This makes spot instances suitable for fault-tolerant, stateless, or interruptible workloads that can handle unexpected terminations and restarts.

Pricing (approximate)

For a more accurate breakdown of costs, please use the GCP Pricing Calculator

ComponentRegular Cost (Hourly)Regular Cost (Monthly)Spot/Preemptible Cost (Hourly)Spot/Preemptible Cost (Monthly)Notes
100 GB Disk-$10/month-$10/monthDisk cost remains the same for both regular and Spot/Preemptible VMs
VM (n1-standard-4)$0.15/hr~$108/month~$0.04/hr~$29/monthThe VM cost can be significantly reduced using a Spot/Preemptible instance
Total$0.15/hr~$118/month~$0.04/hr~$39/monthTotal costs for running the VM and disk 24/7 for an entire month

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