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πŸ“š How to Upload Examples?

We welcome all examples that can help our community learn and explore Langflow's capabilities. Langflow Examples is a repository on GitHub that contains examples of flows that people can use for inspiration and learning.

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To upload examples, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a Flow: First, create a flow using Langflow. You can use any of the available templates or create a new flow from scratch.

  2. Export the Flow: Once you have created a flow, export it as a JSON file. Make sure to give your file a descriptive name and include a brief description of what it does.

  3. Submit a Pull Request: Finally, submit a pull request (PR) to the examples repo. Make sure to include your JSON file in the PR.

If your example uses any third-party libraries or packages, please include them in your PR and make sure that your example follows the ⛓️ Langflow Code Of Conduct.

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